Acne is the worst. Cystic or not – it’s like an annoying younger sibling that shows up and steals your spotlight when you are having a good day. Pus-filled pimples, blackheads and red, irritated bumps are all signs of acne and pop up – for lack of a better term –  when pores are clogged with oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. Though some acne is hereditary, acne breakouts can be triggered by hormonal changes including those caused by birth control, other medications, or too much sugar and carbohydrates. (Read: Too much pizza.) More annoyingly, these rude interruptions may leave behind permanent scarring reminding you of acne past even when your breakouts cease.



Melissa Alatorre (@alatorreee) using Sun-Kissed Glow Strobe Palette

The cool thing about Earth Day is that when it rolls around every year it’s usually warm outside. We’ve shed our winter layers and are spending more time enjoying the sun or at least on someone’s patio for brunch. We start to remember after months of dreary cold and windy days that the blooming flowers – sans the aggravating pollen – and the full-leaved trees are bountiful and beautiful again. And all is right with the world.




What’s not to love about Coachella: all our favorite bands, food, art, fashion and friends. To kick off festival season and months of spending our weekends dancing all day and all night, we’ve decided that packing light is the only way to go. This weekend we head to Coachella to party in Indio and to go behind the scenes of one of the most exclusive parties this week. Full of fun, sun and fanciful makeup, we promise that there will never be a dull moment.

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Give Back. Glow Forward.

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Living an active, healthy and authentic life is part of our DNA. From our two new complexion products – HydraFluid and HydraGel Lift with encapsulated mineral water from the Swiss Alps – to our partnership with Action Against Hunger, we believe that healthy skin and healthy lives start with hydration. PÜR does everything it can to make sure our complexion products make your skin healthier with each use. We go even farther to make sure that the causes we support help create happier, healthier lives around the world. Continue reading Give Back. Glow Forward.

Behind the Blog: Get Ready with Leslie Alvarado of ‘itsLeslieAlvarado’

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We hit the follow button on Leslie Alvarado’s YouTube channel a long time ago. Leslie was recently named one of the top Latina beauty bloggers to follow by BuzzFeed. Her channel is filled with makeup, hair and fashion tutorials. What we love most about Leslie is that she tries all the trends first – enthusiastically. If you ever wanted to know how to recreate Kim Kardashian’s dewy complexion, Kylie Jenner’s pouty lips or Rihanna’s bad gal style – just follow Leslie. It’s a shimmery, glam road to success. She’s already convinced more than 100,000 subscribers to get ready with her, so we asked Leslie about her morning routine. Continue reading Behind the Blog: Get Ready with Leslie Alvarado of ‘itsLeslieAlvarado’

An Apple a Day…

an apple a day

There is no such thing as a bad apple. At least, there is no such thing as a bad apple when it comes to skin care. Malic Acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid that is typically found in apples. When eaten, Malic Acid is to thank for that sour taste, but don’t let that deter you from adding it to your skin care. Continue reading An Apple a Day…

How to Calm Down: A Skin Care Guide

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We’ve all heard it before – especially when we get flushed and aggravated. It’s what we tell our skin when we are having a breakout too. Lavender has been long loved for its aromatherapy properties. It’s soothing and relaxing and its notes are used in high-end fragrances by Tom Ford to Hermès. Skin care professionals would agree that lavender can be used to calm more than the senses. Continue reading How to Calm Down: A Skin Care Guide

Get Fit for the New Year with Tone Up Total Eye Fitness

tone up

Basil.  Tumeric.  Eggplant.

This sounds like the beginning of a grocery list. It’s not. It’s not even a “New Year – New You” juice cleanse or a diet plan. It’s the secret to dancing the night away with no signs of no sleep the next morning. This tasty threesome helps pump up the volume in PÜR’s Tone Up Total Eye Fitness to reduce the look of fatigue, puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Continue reading Get Fit for the New Year with Tone Up Total Eye Fitness

Behind the Blog: Q & A with Greta Gasparian of For The Love of Makeup Baby

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Greta Gasparian was teaching the basics while learning the basics. Greta started her beauty blog in 2012 while she was in her first year at UCLA. Recently, the busy entrepreneur and popular beauty blogger has launched Makeup Tonight – a series of roving, themed, hands-on makeup classes at local hot-spots in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The events give guests the opportunity to sip, mingle, perfect a new look and ask a makeup artist all their burning beauty questions. Continue reading Behind the Blog: Q & A with Greta Gasparian of For The Love of Makeup Baby

Behind the Blog: Q & A with Michelle of Ready, Set, Glamour


Being a beauty junkie has its rewards. Michelle is a beauty and fashion YouTube star.  You can find her at and across social media on @readysetglamour. When she is not organizing her expansive makeup collection, promoting self-confidence and creating new looks on her social channels, she is blogging about fashion and beauty. What we love the most about Michelle are her easy tips to update your look and lighten the mood: “When in doubt, pile on the highlight.” Continue reading Behind the Blog: Q & A with Michelle of Ready, Set, Glamour